Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Azraal's Return

My hell-phone rang, snapping me out of my revelatory reverie.  I put it to my ear.  "Yeah?"

"Yo, Boss-Man," Gus said, sounding uncomfortable.  "Azraal is here and he's not trying to kill anyone.  He says he has some information for you about Lucifer's Firstborn."

Had Azraal figured out how to kill these seemingly unstoppable monsters?  "That's great news, Gus.  Have him teleport to me in the Department of Enforcement immediately!"

"Will do, bro," Gus said dutifully.

I snapped the phone shut.  "We might be able to kill these things soon," I announced hopefully.  "How long has Niven been trapped in there?"

"Five minutes," General Gavsot replied wearily.  "Maybe ten."

Suddenly the door to the cell blew violently off its hinges, clipping me on the arm and knocking the general flat.  Niven emerged swiftly, slashing at Gavsot while he was down.  I tackled Niven from behind.  We rolled but he easily threw me off.  I sprang to my feet as quickly as I could. 

Niven was poised to attack, but both Gavsot and I were ready for him.  His eyes flitted between us, as if he was trying to choose the weaker target.  If he was surprised to see me alive, it didn't register on his face.  Torvin babbled uselessly behind us.  

"You're outnumbered," I reminded Niven.  "Are you sure fighting is your best option?"

"I may be outnumbered, but that doesn't mean I'm outmatched," he sneered.  Then his eyes focused on something behind us.  

I turned to glance backward.  Azraal had found us.

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