Monday, July 8, 2013

Back Again

My eyes opened.

I was laying on my back.  I didn't feel weak anymore.  Where was I now?  I spryly got to my feet, enjoying the feeling of strength again.

I looked around at the room in which I'd died.  Blood was smeared along the floor, and plenty of it was still on my clothes.  Near the exit were what appeared to be the corpses of a few pit guards.  Everyone else seemed to be gone.

I stepped warily into the long, dimly lit hallway.  Another pit guard lay beheaded and eviscerated a few feet away from me.  It seemed pretty obvious that Niven had fought his way out.  But I didn't have any concept of how long I'd been gone.  Was Niven's escape still in progress?

I decided to go back to my office and see if I could get my bearings.  Then, if Niven was still in the Department of Enforcement, I could jump back here and, well...follow the blood.

I appeared in my office again.  Sylnie and Gus were both there.

"Sir!" Sylnie gasped.  I took a moment to enjoy her skimpy outfit.

"Boss-Man!" Gus said happily.  "We'd heard you were dead!"  He actually hurried over to hug me.

That's when I noticed a harried, bloodstained Torvin standing in the room.

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