Friday, July 19, 2013

Sudden but Inevitable Betrayal

"Azraal!" I shouted.  "Good timing!  We might need some help restraining this fugitive."

Azraal smiled at me and raised his hand to reveal the dagger he was holding.  That did not strike me as a good sign.  "What makes you think I'm here to help?" he asked.

Niven attacked.  My attention was divided so he chose me as his target.  Gavsot quickly teleported in front of me, knocking Niven's blade out of the way and absorbing the force of his charge.  I dodged to the side as they tumbled past me.

"You learned how to kill Lucifer's Firstborn?" I asked Azraal with a growing sense of uneasiness.  I knew he was going to turn on me, and I knew he was going to pick the worst possible moment to stab me in the back, but somehow I was still surprised that it happened to be this moment.

"Yes," he shouted over the grunts of Gavsot and Niven's combat.  "So I'm going to use them myself!  I alone will liberate Hell from this invasion and amass a following of grateful demons who will help me usurp the throne!  And that's making the cautious assumption that I don't defeat you right now and use your blood to take over."

Niven slashed a thin red line across Gavsot's cheek.  Gavsot responded with a hefty blow to his opponent's chest, sending the freakish creature sprawling backward gracelessly.  Torvin skittered timidly out of the way.

"Right, because the other four hundred eighty two times you've tried to mutiny me have worked out so well," I taunted Azraal.  "We can still work together, you know.  If we all have your information we'll be much better equipped to take on Halkkor's army."

"I like it better this way," he shouted back, brandishing the knife.  "Because I'll save Hell, I'll get all the glory, and now I'll have the added bonus of seeing your plans fall apart in front of you."  He threw the dagger.  I ducked instinctively but it wasn't headed for me.

It buried itself deep in Gavsot's shoulder.

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