Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Sacrifice

"Torvin," I said, "What happened?"

Torvin looked upon me fearfully.  "You died, sir," he replied in a thin, pinched voice.  "The pit guards spooked.  Niven tried to escape.  When I left, General Gavsot was the only one left fighting him."

I couldn't lose Gavsot.  He was the only demon that had willingly sided with me.  As loyal and as useful as Gus had been, Gavsot was my strongest ally by far.  I turned on Torvin a little too quickly.  "And you just left Gavsot to die?" I shouted.  "What the fuck is wrong with you?"  Angrily, I shook him by the shoulders.

I think he thought I was going to rip him in half.  "Please, sir," he begged.  "The General ordered me to leave."

"What?  Why?" I snapped.

"Because you were dead," Gus said, coming to the sniveling demon's aid.  "That spell we worked before you left to stop your family from getting murdered at your funeral was still active.  You died and all your authority reverted back to me.  Gavsot was trying to make sure someone at your office knew you'd been killed so that we'd be able to keep some semblance of leadership in place."

"It was a very selfless act," Sylnie added.  "He may have sacrificed his own life to preserve your dynasty."

"Dynasty?  Sacrifice?  What?" My head was starting to hurt.  Despite all the important stuff they were explaining to me, in the back of my mind I couldn't stop thinking about the mysteriously familiar man in the lab coat who'd injected me when I died.  Where did I know him from?

"Whatever," I said to no one in particular.  "The point is that Gavsot is the only one keeping Niven from breaking out of the Department of Enforcement, roaming free, and reconnecting with Halkkor's beheaded army.  I have to go."  I pointed at Sylnie and Gus.  "You two stay here and keep, you know, the normal stuff going."  I pointed at the most cowardly demon I'd encountered so far.  I briefly wondered if it was coincidence that he was a disgusting mustard color and had the smallest demon-dick I'd yet seen.  "You," I said crossly, "are coming with me."

I gripped him roughly around the wrist and teleported the two of us back to the hallway beside Niven's former cell.

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