Wednesday, August 28, 2013


“Well?” I barked. “Where can we find Lucifer’s daughter?”

“Reunite my head with my body,” Azraal ordered.  “Then I’ll tell you.”

“Nope,” I said flatly.  “Tell me, and if your story pans out and we can successfully kill Lucifer’s Firstborn, then and only then will I reunite you with your body.”

He smiled smugly.  “I think you need me more than I need you,” he said.  “You may act like you’re not desperate, but I know you’ll eventually acquiesce to my demand.”

I shook my head.  “Or I could go grab your body right now and toss it into the middle of Halkkor’s army.  We can find out how long it takes your head to die after they kill your body.”

Azraal no longer seemed amused.  “That would be suicide,” he said.

I shrugged.  “Nah.  If you figured out how to kill those fuckers or how to find this daughter of Lucifer who told you how to do it, I’m sure the rest of us could figure that stuff out too, eventually.  I’m just trying to save some time.  You’re still expendable.”

The beheaded demon considered this briefly.  “All right,” he sighed.  “I can take you to her.”

“Super,” I said.  “Where are we going?”

“Hell’s ceiling,” Azraal replied.

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