Friday, August 30, 2013

Forming a Party

I blinked stupidly.  “Hell has a ceiling?”  I looked around at my cohorts.  “Hell has a ceiling?” I repeated.

Gus shrugged.  “Don’t feel too bad, bro, I’ve been here a few decades now and this is news to me too.”
Gavsot coughed.  “I have heard of Hell’s Attic,” he croaked hoarsely.  “Is this the same thing?”

“Probably,” Azraal said.

“Okay, how do we get there?” I asked.

“There’s a small crevice in the rock behind the Department of Development,” Azraal explained.  “It leads to a cave.  The top of the cave has a tunnel that leads to the ceiling.”

“So we just crawl through a cave, get into Hell’s Attic, and meet this daughter of Lucifer, who will verify your method of killing Lucifer’s Firstborn?” I summarized.

“Yes,” he replied thinly.  He clearly was not pleased about supplying this information.  I wondered if he still had any tricks up his sleeve and when he’d decide to use them.

“Then let’s get started,” I said.  “Sylnie, do you mind staying here and looking after Gavsot until he’s recovered?”

“I don’t mind staying out of this,” Sylnie said.  I suddenly imagined her in a sexy nurse outfit as she tended to Gavsot’s weakened body.  Then I did my best to force such an irrelevant and distracting thought from my head.

“I could do that,” Torvin volunteered pitiably.  I think he knew I’d make him come with, but I guess he felt the need to try anyway.

I said, “No, you’re coming with us.  Jorge, I trust you have someone running your Department in your absence?  I think I could use your help on this.” 

Jorge nodded.  “Yes, Wyver and my other aides have everything running smoothly and they can reach me by phone if something comes up.  But with all due respect, sir, I don’t know that I would be much help.  I’m not a demon.  My abilities are limited.”

“Yeah,” I acknowledged. “But you seem pretty levelheaded and I get the impression you’ve got a pretty good bullshit detector.  I can definitely use that.”

“Then of course I’ll come with you,” he agreed graciously.

“Wonderful,” I said briskly.  “Gus, grab our favorite head.  Torvin, Jorge, let’s go find Hell’s Attic.”

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