Monday, August 26, 2013

Lucifer's First Born

He was lying.  He had to be lying.

“Lucifer’s Firstborn?” I repeated incredulously.  “You mean you just walked up to Halkkor and asked him how you could kill him?”

“If he’d done that, he’d have been dead long before the Boss-Man here could have torn his head off,” Gus murmured to Jorge.

“No, not Lucifer’s Firstborn,” Azraal corrected smugly.  “Lucifer’s First Born.  He created Halkkor’s species, but I’m talking about Lucifer’s actual, physical offspring.”

“What?” I snapped.  I was getting tired of Azraal’s obnoxious slow-reveal tactics.  “So you’re saying there’s a little Lucifer mini-me running around somewhere?”

“He has a daughter,” Azraal explained.  “She’s the one who told me.”

He stopped talking, clearly relishing the way we were all staring at him expectantly, hanging on his words. 

“And?” I prodded impatiently.  “Where can we find her?”

Azraal’s grin grew even wider.  

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