Monday, August 12, 2013

Missed it by That Much

“I can’t teleport!” Azraal shouted angrily.  “My body is in two places at once and I can’t get them to go anywhere!  I’m stuck!  I’m fucking stuck, you piece of—”  I silenced him with a quick fist to the mouth.

“Torvin was supposed to take Gavsot and teleport back here with him,” I told Gus.  “Where else would he have gone?”

“No clue, man,” Gus said sadly.  “They could be anywhere.  Hell’s one damn big place.”

“Wait,” I said suddenly.  “Call me.”

“What?” Gus said.

“Pull out your phone and call me,” I said urgently.  He seemed confused and slow to respond, so I bellowed, “Torvin has my phone!  Call me!”

Gus dialed quickly, put the phone on speaker, and set it between us on the desk.  It rang loudly.  Once…twice…three times…was he ever going to pick up the damn phone?

Finally, after six rings, Torvin’s voice answered weakly, “Yes?”

“Torvin!” I said.  “Where did you go?”

“I’m sorry,” he replied.  “I’m not used to teleporting with a passenger.  I think I missed.”

“You ‘missed?’” I echoed disdainfully.

“Where are you now?” Gus asked, choosing to focus on solving the problem since I was too busy cursing its source.

“Somewhere in the Department of Torture,” Torvin said.  “There’s a whole bunch of Niven’s guys here and they’re heading straight for us.”

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