Friday, August 16, 2013

On the Field of Battle

From my new vantage point, I could hear the sounds of desperate fighting and agonizing death much more clearly than before.  More importantly, however, I could see Torvin.

In the distance, a mass of invaders was annihilating a small remaining force of demons.  A few feet behind them, trapped against a massive wall of impenetrable rock, was the most useless demon I had at my command.   He had his back pressed up against the wall, cowering as far as he could from the violence stretched out before him.  Next to him, crumpled on the ground, was a semi-conscious General Gavsot.  Torvin held Gavsot’s limp hand like a little girl holds a favorite doll.  Considering that Torvin was a demon of Hell with superhuman powers, it was kind of a pathetic image.

I closed my eyes and telekinetically transported my body so that I was standing next to him.  I was immediately struck by how much louder and more visceral the sounds of battle grew now that I was only a few feet away from the source.

“Hey,” I grunted.

He looked up at me like I was his heavenly savior.  “Sir,” he whimpered gratefully.

“I’m not here for you,” I snapped.  I reached past him and took Gavsot’s hand from his grasp.  “I’m here for the General.”

He didn’t seem offended.

“I trust you’ll be able to teleport to safety on your own,” I said sternly.  “If you aren’t carrying a passenger, I don’t expect you to ‘miss.’”  Torvin nodded.  “Great,” I said.  “See you.” 

And I returned to my office with a very under the weather demon in tow.

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