Friday, September 6, 2013


We braced ourselves for battle as the demons rushed toward us from the open door.  Jaelin and Jorge were on opposite sides of me.  Gus had set Azraal’s head on the ground and stood loyally at my heels.  Torvin was trembling and whimpering a few feet behind him.

“I wish I’d brought some kind of weapon,” Jorge said grimly.

“You might not need it anyway,” I replied with growing astonishment.  The angry mob wasn’t charging us—it wasn’t even an angry mob.  It was a frightened mob, which had suddenly stopped, turned, and prepared to hold its ground against the actually angry mob which was now pouring out of the door.

We were witnessing demon-on-demon warfare. 

“Just hang back for a minute, guys,” I murmured to my comrades.  “I’m going to see what’s going on here.”

As the second group organized itself in front of the door—probably preparing to attack properly—I teleported, arriving directly between the two groups.  I’d have called them armies, but each one seemed to have no more than a hundred combatants. 

When I appeared, the tense hum and the shouted orders died down to a hush.  “Hi,” I said, turning as I spoke to indicate I was addressing everyone present.  “What’s going on here?”

“Who the fuck are you?” someone in the army closest to the door called out.

“He’s the Devil, dumbass,” they demon next to him grated, cuffing him across the scalp.

“Yes, I am the Devil,” I confirmed.  “And I demand to know what is going on here.”  Sternly, I added, “We’re currently under threat of extermination from an army of creatures we still don’t know how to defeat.  So I’d like to know why I have demons fighting amongst themselves when even the most selfish of you would have to admit that if we aren’t united against Lucifer’s Firstborn, we are all going to die.” 

The hush fell again.  I stood there proudly, feeling like I’d just channeled Denzel Washington from Remember the Titans.

A demon in the first group finally stepped forward.  “Sir,” he explained, “We were attempting to rescue our leader, who is held captive inside, but we were discovered and driven back.”

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