Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Dank Cavern

After a few minutes, we emerged into a small damp cavern that was dimly illuminated by a small light from its distant ceiling.  From this far away, it was hard to tell exactly what the source of light was.  I decided that it needed some help.  Exercising my pyrokinetic abilities, I shot a few little fireballs into the edges of the cavern.  They fizzled out quickly in the shallow pools on the ground, but at least I was able to verify that the only exits from this cavern were through the ceiling and through the way we’d come in.

“That must be the tunnel Azraal was talking about,” Gus said, looking skyward.

“Of course that’s the tunnel I was talking about, you fuckwit,” Azraal grumbled.

“Looks like we’re climbing,” I said, feeling along the wall for a good handhold.

“I’m not climbing that,” Torvin said.

“Do me a favor, Torvin,” I grated.  “When you’re about to say something annoying that I’m not going to give a shit about, don’t.”

Torvin went silent.  Jaelin giggled.  It was a weirdly girlish sound for a demon to make.

“Sir, I don’t think you need to climb,” Jorge said, speaking up for the first time in a while.

I hadn’t exactly been relishing the thought of climbing the slick, inwardly-angled, thousand-foot-high rock wall either.  “I’m listening,” I said, giving him an expectant look in the darkness.

“You can teleport to any location you’ve seen, correct?” he said.

“Yes,” I said.  I could sense the solution he was about to describe dawning on me, but it was still just beyond my grasp.  “But I can’t see what’s up there.”

Gus was close enough that I could see the broad smile spread across his face as he stared upward and finished Jorge’s thought.  “Bro…then let there be light.”

I sent a very robust fireball hurtling directly upward, splashing dazzling, blazing brightness against the sides of the cavern all the way to the ceiling.

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