Thursday, September 19, 2013

Through the Ceiling

As my fireball reached the top of the cavern and burst harmlessly against the ceiling, I took a good look at the opening up there.  I took a moment to hold that image in my mind.  Then I teleported.

I appeared in the air maybe five feet below the opening.  Though I immediately began to fall, I made sure to get a good look inside the five-foot, vaguely circular hole in the ceiling.  I saw more of the reddish variety of shale enclosing a small room that was illuminated by an orangey, occasionally flickering light source.  As I fell, I held the glimpse of that room in my mind and I teleported again.

I felt a wave of pride wash over me as I found myself standing inside that little room an instant later.  I was maybe six inches from the edge of the opening that used to be in the ceiling of the last cave but was now in the floor of this one.   I teleported back down to the others and returned, taking Jaelin with me so she could see her destination.  Then the two of us quickly ferried the rest of our party up through the ceiling.

The room we’d arrived in appeared to be the end of a long, winding tunnel lit by slow-burning torches that had been placed along the walls at semi-regular intervals.  We followed the tunnel—some of us more hesitantly than others—along its course.  It took us maybe half an hour before we reached the other end.

It opened up into a cavern about the size of my old high school’s gymnasium—although gym class seemed so long ago and so foreign to me now.  The cavern was bathed in a rich orange glow from numerous torches blazing around its perimeter.  At the center of this mostly empty space was a big comfy couch.  The couch was facing away from us and toward a television.  Based on the images on the screen, someone on the couch appeared to be playing a video game.

We approached the back of the couch slowly.  Everyone but Azraal appeared just as confused as I was.  As we neared the couch, I squinted at the TV.

“Is that…Assassin’s Creed?” I asked dubiously.


  1. "I made sure to get a good >luck< inside the..."
    I think you meant to type look or you made a typo and autocorrect turned it into something else

    1. No, that was just my mistake, but thanks for offering to blame autocorrect.

      Do people actually write stuff like this on phones? I can barely stand to write a simple email on a phone, let alone fiction.

      Anyway, thanks for the catch, again.