Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Getting a Location

“Quinn Wade Madsen,” Winston read from the screen.  “Birth, June 16th, 1994.  Death by demonic mauling, March 11th, 2012.”

“That sounds right,” I said, walking around the desk so I could look over Winston’s shoulder.  I squinted.  “Is that a mug shot?”

“We have fingerprints and hair samples somewhere, too, if you’re interested,” Winston said blandly.  I couldn’t tell if he was joking.  It didn’t matter, though, because the photo on his computer screen was definitely of one of the kids who’d murdered me.

“So where do I find him?” I asked.

“First Circle,” Winston replied.  “He’s in sector 38.  But that’s just when he’s being tortured.  If you want to know where he lives, you’d have to talk to Yannu, the Barracks Master.”

“If I know Kivra,” I said grimly, “She won’t be letting him spend much time in the Barracks.  So I guess I’ll look for him in the First Circle, sector 38.  See you later, Winston.”

I turned to Dramien.  “And you should ease up on the pathetic human scum.  People are people too, you know.”

He smiled humorlessly.  “That’s funny,” he lied.

I teleported away wordlessly.

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