Wednesday, October 30, 2013

In the Thick of Things

I wasn’t right in the thick of things, but things were still pretty thick from where I was standing.  The cacophonous heat of frenzied combat was stifling.  There were no lines or columns—this was an all-out melee.  It consumed my immediate environment so completely that I couldn’t tell by the use of any of my senses if the entire battlefront was just like this or if I’d simply happened to appear in the Bloody Angle of this subterranean conflict.

No sooner had I arrived than one of Halkkor’s freaky-looking soldiers pierced some lanky yellow-skinned demon in front of me right through her heart.  As the demon crumpled into a lifeless heap, the soldier stepped over her and moved directly towards me, the blood-stained bonelike spikes protruding from his wrists slicing the air menacingly.

Gavsot’s voice at my elbow grunted, “This would be a good time to test your new weapon.”

Hoping to take the Lucifer’s Firstborn by surprise, I lurched forward, gripped him by the ankle, and transported us to my go-to spot:  the wilderness beside the edge of the lake of fire.

I was used to the mechanics of instantaneous telekinetic transit by now, so I managed to execute a perfect somersault upon our arrival to gracefully complete the lunge I’d started before we left.  My foe, on the other hand, seemed disoriented by our trip, and stumbled like a drunk in an effort to keep his balance.

Back on my feet behind my adversary, I held my new anti-Firstborn knife in both hands, and plunged it forcefully through the rough skin of his back directly into where his heart probably was.  It hadn’t occurred to me until that precise moment that I didn’t know where the heart was in the anatomy of Lucifer’s Firstborn.  If he’d been human, though, it would have been a direct hit.

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