Monday, October 28, 2013

Next on the Agenda

I reappeared in my office, where Sylnie had been joined by Gus, Torvin and Jaelin. 

“How’d it go, Boss-Man?” Gus asked hopefully.

I held up the steaming dagger triumphant.  “This thing should be one hundred percent Firstborn-lethal,” I replied.  “She’s all ready to go.”

“So what’s the plan then?” Sylnie asked.

I’d been working on that.  “I’m on it,” I said as coolly as I could, flashing her a roguish grin.  She smiled and pressed a hand to her soft bosom like a swooning groupie.  “I’m going to give this little baby a test run,” I announced.  “I’ll be back in a minute, hopefully with a Firstborn’s corpse in tow.”  Pausing to briefly indulge my ongoing fantasy of being Sylnie’s knight in shining armor crossed with James Bond, I winked at her, opened my phone, and dialed General Gavsot.

He answered on the fourth ring.  “Yes?” he said.  He sounded like he was out of breath.  Again.  There was lots of chaotic background noise.

“General,” I greeted him.  “How are those reinforcements treating you?”

He didn’t answer right away.  “Many of them are dead,” he said evenly.  “But we have managed to slow Halkkor’s advance for the time being.”

“I guess that’s…kind of good news,” I replied halfheartedly.  “Listen, I need a favor.  I need to get to your location as soon as possible so I can test out this weapon.  Can you send someone to pick me up and teleport me back?”

“Where are you?” he responded instantly.

“My office,” I said. 

“Let’s go,” he replied, but I heard his voice behind me before I heard it through the phone.

“Jesus, you’re in a hurry,” I yelped.  I was surrounded by the sounds of battle before I’d even finished my sentence.

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