Friday, November 8, 2013

Acquiring a New Target

I appeared back in my office in a foul mood.  It was…kind of noticeable.

“Whoa, what the hell happened to you?” Gus asked. 

His concern was genuine, as were everyone else’s shocked expressions, but I didn’t feel like responding other than to growl, “Nothing” and stomp toward the back door.

As I slammed it shut behind me, I was pretty sure I heard Torvin whimper and Gus murmur, “Okay, well that was obviously a lie.”

I found the armory again—although I wasn’t sure why I hadn’t just teleported directly to it in the first place—grabbed the first reasonably-sized dagger I could find, and transported myself to Winston’s office.  I gripped his desk like a hellfire preacher grasps the sides of his pulpit and shouted, “I need a murderer.  Do you have one being assigned right now?”

Winston, who up until this point had seemed to have an attitude of annoyance and resigned subservience to me, went pale.  He looked like he was about to urinate down the front of his faded trousers.  It also occurred to me that my rage had affected my enunciation.  “Wh…what?” he asked me breathlessly.

“I need you,” I said in a low, dangerous voice, “To tell me where in your useless department I can find a fucking killer this exact moment.”  Sure, I wasn’t taking the possibility that the kid who killed me hadn’t actually killed me very well, but in my defense it was an emotional subject that was turning out to be pretty confusing.  I saw him kill me, therefore he was guilty of murder.  How could it be more complicated than that?  According to Tithenai, however, Quinn was innocent.  It made no sense.  But I also didn’t get the sense that she was lying to me.  Which also made no sense.

Winston, visibly scared of me for the first time, slowly turned to consult his computer.  I slammed a palm down on his desk and screamed, “Now!” 

Suddenly I was in a choke hold. 


  1. Oh, this is not going to be good...

  2. You say that like bad stuff happens in Hell all the time.

  3. I'd heard of jail being full of innocent people before, but Hell? There is a first for everything I guess

    1. Quinn's innocent of murder...but that doesn't mean he's not guilty of something else.

    2. That'll be an interesting scene. Jason's murder from the other points of view?

  4. I think it would break the flow of the story to switch to a different POV at this point. But I'm planning to delve into more detail surrounding the murder...down the road.