Thursday, November 14, 2013

Battle Plans

I teleported down to the battle again and was again disheartened by the distance Gavsot’s army had been pushed back in so little time.  I’d appeared behind enemy lines, so as soon as I got my bearings, I jumped to a better vantage point from the friendly side.  I scanned the mayhem for a sight of General Gavsot.

After a brief search, I spotted him in the middle of the action.  I felt stupid for having not looked there first, considering that he clearly seemed like the kind who didn’t lead from behind—even despite his recent injuries.  I teleported over to him, gripped him by the arm, and jumped us both to safety just past the edge of the fray.

“What is the meaning of this?” he snapped irritably.  “I was about to cripple one of Lucifer’s Firstborn by impaling him on his comrade’s blade!”  He looked very tired.

“Sorry, this will just take a minute,” I apologized swiftly.  Then, as his words registered, I asked, “Wait…does that actually work?  Stabbing them with their own blades?”

“It merely wounds them,” Gavsot said dejectedly.  “The wound is severe, but it does not kill them.  I hope you have good news.”

“I do,” I told him.  “I made a weapon that can kill the Firstborn.”

He brightened.  “And you are certain that it works?”

“Tested it out myself,” I said proudly.  “I’ve got a mess of dead Firstborn in my office to prove it.”

Gavsot nodded.  “Excellent.  Do you have a plan?”

“We’re currently in the process of making a lot more of those weapons,” I told him.  “I want to equip your army with them as soon as they’re finished.  I’ll probably just have a pile of them in a big box or something, so I’ll need you to inform your soldiers that the weapons are coming, that they can kill the Firstborn, and that they need to make sure they stab the Firstborn through the heart.  Can you quietly spread the word through your army without tipping off Halkkor?”

He considered it for a moment.  “I believe I can.”

I clapped him on the shoulder.  “Great,” I said.  “Just hold on a little longer and I’ll pop in to give you a heads up right before this all goes down.  Now get back to kickin’ ass.”


  1. I think Gavost should have kissed him. "I'm bringing you a big box of Firstborn-killing weapons!" *smooch* :)

  2. Well, THAT would have been unexpected!

    1. But I could see that happening in a comedy movie haha.

    2. The New Devil, starring Michael Cera and Owen Wilson, coming to a theater near you this summer?

      Nah, Michael Cera's probably too old now.

  3. Thought he'd at least give him the dagger!

    1. Wouldn't want Gavsot to use it too soon and give up the element of surprise...