Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Splitting Up

After taking a moment to let a feeling of hope seep into the room, we sprang into action.

“Sylnie, Jaelin.” I said, abruptly breaking the awed silence.  “Can you two get me a box or something, go to the armory, and grab some more blades?”

“How many do you need?” Sylnie asked.

“A shit ton,” Gus murmured.

“I don’t know,” I said.  “Get me a couple hundred.”  Jaelin nodded curtly and departed with Sylnie in tow.

“Gus, Torvin,” I ordered, “Talk to Winston and find that nurse I stabbed last time and that guy that murdered his family.”

Torvin looked unsure, but Gus gripped his arm and steered him toward the door.  “Will do, Boss-Man,” he assured me.

“Great,” I said to an empty room as the door closed behind them.  “Now it gets fun.”


  1. I was going to say "Poor Nurse," except for then I remembered she's in hell. xD

    1. All the more reason to pity her then, right?