Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A Belated Revelation

In that half second when he reared up in preparation for the fatal blow, I realized my mistake.

Halkkor appeared to have no telekinetic powers.  His only resources were his mind and his formidable brawn.  I was engaging him on a physical level—a level on which I was vastly outmatched.  It seemed obvious now that, just as he fought with his strengths, I should fight with mine.  I couldn’t match his size or his muscle, but he couldn’t match my pyrotechnics and telekinesis.  I was so myopically locked into this expectation for a testosterone-charged, man-to-man throwdown that I hadn’t even considered using anything other but brute force and a pointy stick.


Unfortunately, this epiphany took entirely too long.  I didn’t have time to react.  Someone else reacted for me.

A pink blur slammed into Halkkor’s body, knocking him off of me and sending his wrist blade harmlessly into the ground beside my head.  I scrambled to my feet.  So did Halkkor.  And so did Jaelin.  The King of Lucifer’s Firstborn eyed both of us warily, unsure of whose attack would come first.  We had a momentary standoff amid the clamor of battle around us.

I took a moment to give Jaelin a breathless, “Thanks.”  It was clear she’d just saved my ass.  It was pretty much the equivalent of an anorexic fifth grader tackling a full-grown gorilla, but she’d made it work.  I imagined she put a little telekinetic boost into her leap.

Jaelin responded by picking up my fallen sword.  As she tossed it to me, Halkkor chose that moment of distraction to rush her. I quickly did what I hoped was becoming my signature move—I set his eyeballs on fire.

It didn’t even slow him down.

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