Monday, December 30, 2013

Boss Fight

Now that the conflict was sustainable for us on both fronts, I sought out Halkkor.  He’d chosen to fight facing me, perhaps anticipating a personal confrontation.  Instead of fighting my way over to him, this time I teleported directly to his vicinity.  Jaelin, dutifully, was not far behind.

When he saw me, he pushed the demon he was fighting to the side, scattering a half dozen Pit Guards like bowling pins.  I leveled my sword at him.  “Last chance to surrender,” I shouted.

“To surrender to an inferior enemy would be a greater defeat than to suffer death at his hands,” he replied defiantly.  Not that his refusal to throw in the towel surprised me in any way.

“That’s okay,” I said with a shrug.  My voice wavered but I held my sword steady.  “I’d rather kill you anyway.”

The hulking, dead-eyed monster in front of me barked out a hearty laugh as he casually beheaded a Pit Guard.  “I’m confident you’ll discover that to be simple to proclaim but far more difficult to accomplish,” he taunted.

“Why can’t you just say ‘easier said than done’ like a normal person?” I muttered, charging him with my sword.

He batted my weapon away easily and sliced at me with the blade protruding from his right arm.  I tried to dodge but I only succeeded in catching his elbow in the face.  My nose flattened with a revolting crunch and I staggered backward, tasting warm blood on my lips.  Before I could even regain my balance, Halkkor pounced on me like some kind of freakish hybrid of a professional linebacker and a jungle cat.  The back of my skull cracked against the ground and my sword slipped from my grasp. 

“You mounted a much fiercer resistance than I expected,” he said solemnly, tightening one massive hand around my throat.  “I will do you the courtesy of admitting that I underestimated you so that you may die with some form of solace.” 

He prepared to bring the blade of his free hand down into my chest.


  1. I found this yesterday and I have to say it is quite entertaining to read.
    I wish you lots of fun with your writing in the future.
    Shame though that I will probably have to wait till the next year for the contiunation of the Story ;-)

  2. Haha, thanks! Good to have you here!

    (Although there is one more update before the looong wait...)