Saturday, December 28, 2013

Joining the Fight

Jaelin and I watched intently from our vantage point at the edge of sector 140.  My confidence was giving way to a nauseating fear.  There was guilt, too.  As much as I rationalized the expected losses of Pit Guards and demons, I wondered how many of them were about to die because of my military hubris. I wasn’t a general.  Who was I to lead the denizens of Hell into a slaughter?  Sure, they were demons and monsters, but the only friends I had these days were demons and monsters.

Apparently sensing my inner turmoil, Jaelin said quietly, “This is going to work.” 

I gave her a weak, appreciative smile and turned my gaze back to the battlefield.  “Yeah, that’s what we thought last time,” I muttered.

Just before the first of the Pit Guards collided with the defensive line, hundreds of demons teleported in behind the Firstborn army.  Halkkor’s forces were immediately torn between a larger army of weaker enemies in front of them and a smaller group of more lethal warriors behind them.  The confusion was visible even from our distant perspective.

“Okay, let’s go,” I said to Jaelin.  “I’ll be aiming for about dead center.”  She nodded and we both teleported away.

We appeared a few yards away from each other, immediately immersed in the chaos of combat behind the Firstborn lines.  I had less than a second to get my bearings before I was ducking beneath the swiping arm blades of our grotesque adversaries and swinging my own weapon in return.  The Firstborn lines were thin—in a few places the demon forces were already meeting up with the Pit Guards from the other side. 

But our advantage wasn’t absolute.  A few feet away from me, one of Halkkor’s soldiers dispatched two demons and six Pit Guards on his own in mere seconds.  And it was obvious, after only a minute or two, that the element of surprise was wearing off rapidly and Lucifer’s Firstborn were adapting to fighting both halves of my army simultaneously. 

And then, with a shockwave of pale white light and a gust of air, all my demons were gone.


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    1. You know, even after all my years on the internet, I still find it funny when someone types the word "one" in place of an exclamation point.

      I guess the classics never get old!