Friday, December 27, 2013

Mounting an Attack

I turned to a Pit Guard named Sowillo, who had been placed in charge of the non-demon part of the army.  I’d only met him a few minutes earlier, and while he struck me as a fierce little fiend, he seemed to have a genuine loyalty to me.  Apparently word that I’d installed a Pit Guard as the Director of Developstruction had traveled quickly in the Pit Guard community.  If Sowillo was any indication, I was becoming some kind of folk hero among them.

“Sowillo,” I told him gravely, “It’s time.  I need you to charge across that empty space and overrun Halkkor’s army.  You ready?”

“Oh, yes, sir,” he said in his munchkin-like voice.  He saluted me with his sword.  I hoped he had one that could kill Firstborn, but I didn’t know if that was the case.  “Don’t worry,” he assured me.  “We’ll make you proud.”

“Okay.  Close the distance as fast as possible, hit ‘em as hard as you can and don’t stop,” I told him.  “Your soldiers know they might be teleported around a bit?”

“Yes sir,” he said crisply.

I smiled broadly at him.  He seemed like a nice enough guy.  I hoped he’d survive.  “Okay.  Go!”

He turned back to his troops and, with a wave of his sword, led them at a full-out run around the corner and across the barren plain of sector 141.   Halkkor’s army came to a halt, spread out into a long thin line matching the breadth of the cavern, and prepared to meet the attack.

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