Tuesday, December 17, 2013


I was surrounded by ten demons, the smallest of whom made The Rock look like he was on the scrawny side.  They were punching and kicking like playground bullies, apparently intent on knocking me unconscious.  I struggled against them, but they were so strong and so numerous that my only way out was teleportation.  So, straining to focus amid the flying fists, I jumped a few yards away.

Both my lips were split, I had blood dripping into my left eye, and I felt like I had at least four broken ribs.  Given the dire nature of the situation, I let my wrath take over.  I unleashed the fury on them, calling upon every telekinetic technique I could think of to punish them.

With a simple thought, I set each of their genitals on fire.  I caused the ground to tremble beneath them and tore sharp chunks of dry rock from under their feet and sent them slicing upward at them.  I used some Jedi mojo to force-push them against each other as they danced to avoid my keen-edged projectiles.  At the height of their confusion, I teleported repeatedly into their midst, doing my best to telefrag them.  I succeeded in separating a few limbs from their owners.  I tore a chunk out of one of the demons’ stomachs by appearing in the middle of his dive for cover.  I beheaded another. 

I finally scored a clean hit on the largest demon, scattering his body into bloody fragments.  I even managed to split his head into dozens of pieces.  The noise of his skull splintering was sickening and the sight of his remains was gory, but at least it scared the shit out of his cohorts.  The two of them that could still walk kept their distance while the others groaned in pain and began the slow process of healing.  The one I’d obliterated, however, remained in a state of obliteration. 

I focused my attention back on Kivra, who was assisting the other two bodyguards in giving Jaelin a very hard time.


  1. Ah, this was great! Loved seeing Jason go all Devil on them. :)

    1. There are not many contexts in which "going all Devil" is a good thing, haha.

    2. There are, however, many contexts in which "going all Devil" is an awesome thing.