Thursday, December 5, 2013

Recruitment Options

Jorge’s conclusion stunned the room into silence.  Surprisingly, it was General Gavsot who spoke first.

“An army without demons?” he asked incredulously.  He sounded slightly offended.  “Ridiculous.  You do not understand the strength of Lucifer’s Firstborn,” he told Jorge.

Jaelin also seemed a little miffed.  “What’s an army without demons?  Are we going to start handing out swords to the damned?  I have a hard time believing that anyone fresh off the rack is going to be worth much in battle.”

"I doubt they'd be very motivated to fight for us, considering we're in charge of torturing them," Jorge added.  "And the Firstborn want to destroy demons, not humans, so we can't rely on their sense of self-preservation."

“The Pit Guards,” I said, eliciting a second stony silence.

“You’re kidding,” Gus said flatly. 

“The tallest Pit Guard is only half the height of the shortest of the Firstborn,” Gavsot pointed out.  I got the sense that he vehemently disagreed with my idea but respected me too much to voice his opinion as strongly as he felt it.

But the more I thought about it, the more I liked the notion.  “This could work if we use a little finesse,” I said.  “Let’s say we have our demon army try to take Halkkor by surprise by teleporting in behind him.  He fights the army off, works the spell to banish them all, and then turns around to meet an oncoming flood of angry Pit Guards.”

“…and then he rips them to pieces, has a good laugh, and continues steamrolling through Hell unopposed,” Gus finished for me.

“What if we amass a huge army of Pit Guards, arm them all, and mix in a bunch of Firstborn-killing weapons?” I said.  “The Firstborn can’t ignore any Pit Guard waving a knife because it might be one of the knives that could kill them.  They can’t banish the army unless Halkkor has another spell, so they have to fight every last one of them.”

“The demons can periodically teleport back to help each time they’re banished,” Jaelin added.  Was she starting to agree with me?

“And having to work that spell over and over again will keep Halkkor busy,” Jorge pointed out.  “You might be able to take him down while he’s distracted.”

“What do you think, General?” I asked. 

His arms still crossed, he frowned and shook his head.  “Any plan of attack that can succeed against Halkkor needs to have creativity and the element of surprise.  I do not like this plan, but I admit that, despite the risks, it has some elements that could give us victory.”

Gus barked out a laugh.  “That’s Gavsot’s way of saying it’s crazy enough that it just might work,” he translated.


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    1. *wipes sweat off brow* Oh, good! :)

  2. I did not even think of the pit guards! Jason is getting kind of good at the whole Devil thing.

    1. Shhh...if he hears you he might let it go to his head!

  3. Oh good. Murderers did have the potential to go badly, though once a few dozen of them were dismembered after finding out that they are specifically Firstborn killing weapons and devils are still perfectly invulnerable in hell to them attempts at betrayal would probably taper off. They'd still make decent fodder though.