Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Meeting

I appeared in the middle of nowhere.  The expanse of faded crimson rock stretched out in every direction, and the glow from the lake of fire was dimly visible in the distance off to my right.  I saw Jaelin materialize a few hundred yards away.  Moments later, Kivra popped into view in front of me, followed by a dozen of her aides.

On second thought, it seemed more appropriate to describe the demons she brought with her as guards rather than aides.  They looked big.  And Kivra looked undeniably sexy.  I could feel myself succumbing to the awkward teenager inside of my demonic gilding.  If she stepped any closer, I felt like I would lose my nerve, my ability to think strategically, and maybe even my telekinesis.

“What a surprise,” I said with dry bravado, hoping to obscure the chill of fear that threatened to immobilize me.  “You decided not to come alone.”

She let a long smile stretch itself slowly across that devilishly alluring face of hers.  “What a surprise,” she retorted.  “You’re in over your head again.”  She stepped toward me and I backed up flinchingly.  “So what was this you wanted to talk about, sweetie?” she cooed.  Her perfect balance of seduction and condescension was admirable—and effective.

She swung her hips as she approached me.  God, the way the subtle, toned muscles in her stomach moved as she walked was…what was the word?  Fuck, it looked good.  And above it, the pert, rounded breasts…the…dammit.  I could feel myself breaking down as I allowed myself to be distracted.  I thought I’d grown more powerful and more resilient since our last encounter, and here I was melting before the sight of her naked body again.

“You’re…you’re not getting your demons back,” I gulped.  Her thighs…so muscular…but still so feminine.

“I don’t want them back anymore,” she said.  She’d managed to close the distance between us and she leaned over to whisper in my ear.  “I just want you to pay for defying me.”  I shivered at the sensation of her warm breath on my neck.

“Oh God,” I whimpered.  I could literally tear her head off.  I could summon fire.  I could teleport into her and blow her to bits.  But I couldn’t do any of that.  I could only stand there, shaking, trying to fight the embarrassing bulge in the crotch of my pants.  I wondered if she had some kind of special demon power of seduction or if I was just really this pathetic.  Or maybe both.  I was so pathetic that I knew I was pathetic and still couldn’t do a damn thing about it.

“I’m going to deliver your head to Halkkor, gift wrapped in your skin with your intestines as ribbon,” she hissed, circling around me.  She hadn’t done a thing but she was already enjoying her victory.  “And you’re just going to stand there like an impotent little bitch while I rip you to shreds.”  She laughed softly. 

Suddenly Jaelin appeared between us, staring Kivra down with an intensity I’d never seen from her before.  “Back off,” she snarled at the Director of Torture.


  1. Jason, you are so beyond lucky Jaelin showed up. That was just sad. lol

    1. Hey, at least he was smart enough to bring backup...

    2. Oh, right. See, this is why I hate falling behind on serials. I completely forgot he brought Jaelin. Sorry, Jason. That was good planning, not luck. :)

    3. Haha, to be fair, I don't think he realized how much Jaelin would actually come in handy when he decided to bring her with.

    4. [juvenile joke about Kivra being handy here]