Sunday, December 29, 2013

The Waiting Game

With all my allies behind the Firstborn’s forces instantly whisked away, it was much easier to locate Halkkor.  He was about thirty yards to my right, holding a demon heart in his hand.  He was looking directly at me, smiling, with blood dripping from his lips.  When I met his gaze he made a point of swallowing a piece of the heart.

I teleported a few yards back, out of reach, and waited uneasily for the next stage of my plan to kick in.

Lucifer’s Firstborn immediately turned to focus its attention solely on the Pit Guards.  I’m not sure if it was quite enough of a coordinated effort to be called a counterattack, but it succeeded in driving the Pit Guards back.  The holes in Halkkor’s lines had been filled, and now my army had a different problem—since the Firstborn dominated the Pit Guards in one-on-one fighting, Sowillo couldn’t squeeze enough of his warriors into combat position.  No longer distracted by my demons, Lucifer’s Firstborn began slicing the Pit Guards to ribbons as everyone had assumed they would. 

Where were my demons?!  Hoping to assist in some way while I waited for reinforcements, I sent a few long-range fireballs toward the Firstborn, but it was difficult to avoid hitting my own troops.  What I really needed was demonic backup.

Just as I began to lose hope and entertain the futile idea of trying to save the Pit Guards on my own, the demons started returning.  They swooped in with a surprisingly angelic flair.  One by one, they teleported to the back of the Pit Guard army, gripped a soldier by the shoulders, and transported him to my side of the battle.  Within a few moments, I had a few hundred Pit Guards around me, ready to stage another assault from behind.

Jaelin appeared next to me.  We exchanged a look of determination and, with renewed vigor, we threw ourselves back into the fray.