Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Time Sensitive Solution

Kivra’s hand had mostly grown back in the past few minutes.  Judging by the way she gritted her teeth as she sent what appeared to be miniature bolts of lightning at Jaelin, it seemed that regenerating appendages was a painful affair.  As I watched Kivra move, I realized that trying to telefrag her would take way too long.  She was smaller and lighter on her feet than her musclebound companions.  Hitting a target moving that quickly and that abruptly would take dozens of tries—especially since I’d already tried to telefrag her once and she’d be likely to anticipate the possibility.  I needed to wrap this up now.
Jaelin seemed to be holding her own against the two goons, but she was visibly outmatched against her sister.  I had the sense that Jaelin would be just fine if I could manage to take Kivra out of the fight.  What I really needed was a way to incapacitate Kivra for an extended period of time.  If I could get her out of commission long enough to accomplish something—for example, the defeat of Lucifer’s Firstborn—then I could worry about dealing with her later. 

Incapacitation.  That was what I needed.  It had occurred to me sooner, but I hadn’t really considered it.

I jumped over to the recently ousted Director of Torture, gripped her by her unwounded wrist, and, before she could wrest her arm from my grasp, I teleported us both away.  We appeared in a holding cell in the Department of Enforcement an instant later.  I let go of Kivra and, taking advantage of the spare second she needed to identify her surroundings, I lunged for the bucket of nasty red liquid sitting by the door.  I hurriedly grabbed the wooden spear standing next to it, dunked the tip of it in the bucket, whirled around, and jabbed it toward Kivra as she charged me.  She dodged to one side, but not before I took a small chunk out of those smooth, sexy abs.