Sunday, December 1, 2013

Turning the Tide

As Jaelin and I watched, Gavsot’s army abruptly disengaged and retreated directly toward us.  As Halkkor and the rest of Lucifer’s Firstborn gave chase, half of the demons disappeared, reappearing around us.  They quickly clamored for weapons and rushed to line up to face their retreating comrades.  Once the line took shape, Gavsot barked an order and his freshly armed forces charged.  The retreating forces masked the charge, teleporting away at the last second so that Halkkor’s warriors, thinking they were chasing a routed army, suddenly clashed with an unexpected advance.  Its execution made me briefly wonder if General Gavsot had ever seen The Patriot.

As those who had retreated arrived at the crate in the hopes of claiming one of the few remaining weapons, Jaelin and I teleported to Gavsot’s side.  I’d brought an extra sword, which I swiftly handed to him.  So far, our little trick had accomplished little more than catching Halkkor’s soldiers off guard, but it wasn’t long before that would change.  Moments after Gavsot’s attack, off to my left, a demon I didn’t know drove his weapon directly through the heart of one of Lucifer’s Firstborn.

The response was instantaneous.  As the Firstborn fell like a punctured balloon, the excitement among the demons was almost as palpable as the terror among the Firstborn.  I spotted Halkkor a few feet to my right, and although he wasn’t in a state of open panic like many of his comrades, his shark-like eyes seemed to be shrewdly assessing this new development.  I began fighting my way in his direction, mortally wounding a second Firstborn as I did so.  Then General Gavsot killed another.  And then, seemingly beyond our control, it continued like a row of dominoes.  Our advantage was undeniable.

This was working.


  1. New goal--one post every day of December.

    Also, if you guys could please remember to vote over at Top Web Fiction (link on the top right of the page) I'd really appreciate it. Seems like the competition over there is getting tougher.

    Thanks and have a great Sunday!

  2. Oh, yes. Daily updates! I voted for you earlier this week. I'm pretty close behind you, though, so maybe I should stop doing that... ;)

  3. Oh, I know that temptation! I still vote for The Zombie Knight even after he leapfrogged me, but every time I do I think maybe I shouldn't...

    1. As of my vote, you are 8th place. I don't know how long it will stay, but you are 2 spaces ahead of Zombie Knight. And if you're wondering, I do vote for him too (he was the one who told me about you).

      And about the story, I was expecting some kind of weird rule along the lines of "1 weapon per murderer" and see Jason's forces take another hit, but I guess you need to start wrapping up this story line sooner or later so everyone can suffer somewhere else in the near future.

    2. That's pretty cool. I had no idea Mr. Frost had ever found his way over here. And I don't mean to make a huge deal about who's ahead of me or whatever. Maybe if I thought the Zombie Knight was total crap (and it's definitely not!) it would bother me, but I'm mostly grateful to have an audience all!

      And that would have been a sucky rule. Good thing I didn't think of that...