Friday, January 3, 2014

A Friendly Face

As Halkkor approached me with prudent caution and palpable malice, Gavsot appeared next to me, sword in hand.

“Hey,” I said breathlessly.  I kept my eyes on the hulking King of Lucifer’s Firstborn as I spoke to my general.  “I hope you’re here to help.”

He nodded.  “It appeared that you needed some,” he said simply.

“Definitely,” I said.  “Would have been better if you’d appeared behind him, though,” I added.  “You know, since he’s so focused on me.  Might not notice you.”  I kept hinting until I was positive that Gavsot understood me.  I was pretty sure that Halkkor couldn’t hear our exchange over all the shouts and grunts and screams.  I hoped it looked like Gavsot was giving me a battle update or something.

“That would be better,” he agreed.  I nodded at him and he disappeared again, only to materialize a few feet behind our enemy.

Still weaponless, I looked around frantically for a physical object I could use to defend myself.  I spotted a sword that had been dropped by a slain demon a short distance away and quickly brought it to my hand with telekinetic urgency.  I gripped it with both hands, gritted my teeth and gave Halkkor my best glare.  I scowled at him like a cleanup hitter trying to stare down the opposing pitcher.  Apparently my non-verbal “come at me, bro” worked, because Halkkor’s eyes, still emitting thin ribbons of smoke from their earlier blaze, narrowed angrily.

“Okay, you ugly bastard,” I growled, although probably not loudly enough for him to hear.  “Let’s do this.”

Gavsot, a few feet behind him, raised his blade to strike.


  1. I was thinking the whole Pit Guard thing was going to come back to bite him right here. He needs a weapon, and unless there is a difference in appearance between the enchanted weapons and normal ones, Jason is going to need to be luckier than ever. Or get saved. One of the two

    1. The enchanted ones look pretty much the same unless Jason takes the time to inspect a weapon closely. He doesn't have that kind of time, unfortunately.

    2. You'd think a layer of solidified Magma would make a bit of visual difference.

    3. Pshaw. Science doesn't apply here, this is Hell!

      The lava in the pit of fire has special metal-resistant qualities so that when you dunk a sword in there, the lava rolls right off when you pull it out. No solidified magma residue! The leading brand can't promise that!