Wednesday, January 8, 2014


I propelled the weapon much faster with telekinesis than I could have with good old-fashioned muscle, but Halkkor was still quick enough to swat at it.  To my overwhelming relief, however, he still wasn’t quick enough to hit it with more than a fingertip. Despite his attempt to bat it away, my sword continued on its path, split his flesh open and sunk deep into his chest.  It was a direct hit.  It had to be.  Right through the heart.  It was perfect.


Instead of screaming and deflating like the other Firstborn we’d killed, all Halkkor did was the screaming part.  And it was one hell of a scream.  It seemed to involve two simultaneous vocal eruptions—one a low bellow of rage and the other a shrill screech of agony.  The two mixed together into a seamless, cacophonous cry that carried far enough across the battlefield to make half the combatants stop for a moment and turn toward the source.

In the brief moment of silence that followed the conclusion of Halkkor’s shriek, he ripped the sword out of his body, broke it contemptuously into several pieces and scattered them on the ground in front of him.

“Firstborn!” he shouted publicly, his eyes acquiring a fire that this time I had not ignited, “Kill the Devil!  Disregard all others until this meddling mortal moron has been repeatedly cloven into piles of putrescent pieces.  Kill the Devil!”

I guess I’d finally scared him enough or pissed him off enough that he’d decided he needed some help.  That could have been interpreted as a good sign but for the fact that he’d called every one of his warriors within earshot to his side.  In an instant, I had hundreds of Lucifer’s Firstborn bearing down on me from all directions. All I had was a broken sword and two wounded comrades.

There were three probable reasons why Halkkor was still alive.  Either I’d missed his heart, the sword I’d used wasn’t one that we’d imbued with Firstborn lethality, or Halkkor was somehow immune to the spell we’d cast on a few hundred weapons.  I had an idea that could either kill Halkkor or at least rule out the first two possibilities.

I quickly scanned the area around me, ignoring the stampede of monstrous soldiers and instead focusing on the weapons of my remaining allies.  Then I focused as hard as I could and reached out with a hundred invisible arms.


  1. So I just now finished working on the end of a nice chunk of TND. I have lots of vague plans in mind, but if this story were to work out as a trilogy, then the end of book one would fall around the beginning of next month. It's pretty exciting (for me, anyway) and there's still plenty of story to come that I hope you guys will enjoy.

    In the meantime, I'd love it if you guys kept voting over at Top Web Fiction every week. Thanks!