Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Defensive Maneuvers

Halkkor charged forward, bright orange flames sprouting from his eyes.  His teeth were clenched and he was growling in pain, but he wasn’t stopping.  Jaelin, having just tossed my sword to me, was off balance and it didn’t look like she’d be able to dodge in time.  I needed to react quickly.

I remembered to use my powers to my advantage—finally.  From twenty feet away, I mentally yanked on the arm of one of Halkkor’s soldiers and pulled him into his path.   I pushed Jaelin out of the way and reached up in time to pluck my sword out of the air.  I caught it by the handle like a fucking boss.  It might have been luck but it probably looked like I was that awesome on purpose.

The Firstborn that I’d placed in Halkkor’s path stumbled backward, landing clumsily in front of him.  Halkkor had good reflexes and leapt over him, but he caught his foot on his subordinate’s knee and came down off balance.  Jaelin had fallen safely out of his path, and Halkkor skidded past her as she rolled gracefully back to her feet.  When Halkkor managed to stop the momentum of his bulky physique and turned to attack her again, I wound up and threw my sword.

I’d never thrown a sword before.  I chucked it like a javelin and the results were disappointing.  Instead of piercing him right through the heart and killing him on the spot, it caught him behind the shoulder and careened off, leaving a nasty but non-lethal gash. 

Halkkor turned back toward me and snarled, “You’ve grown bolder.  I’ll have to keep a closer watch.”  He turned to the warrior he’d just tripped over.  “I need to eliminate a very uppity thorn in my side.  Kill the pink female in my absence.”

As the other Firstborn stared down Jaelin, Halkkor turned his focus on me.  And now I was weaponless. I suppose throwing the sword wasn’t exactly the smartest move I could have made under the circumstances.

But I guess you live and you learn.  Even after you’re dead.

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