Friday, January 17, 2014

The Final Strike

Without verbally communicating with each other, it seemed that Lucifer’s Firstborn were considering my offer of mercy as a group.  Then the one nearest to me curled his grotesque mouth into an even more grotesque snarl of contempt.  And then he spit on me, which was impressive, considering that the sword hovering in front of me kept him from getting too close to begin with.

I teleported back to behind my lines, next to Gavsot and Jaelin.

“Did he just spit on you?” Jaelin asked.

I wiped the filthy saliva from my arm and shook my fingers dry.  “Fucking Firstborn,” I whined in response.  “Gavsot, how do you feel about a full charge from every direction?  It’s time we steamroll these motherfuckers and get this over with.”

“A charge like that could lead to chaos,” Gavsot said.  He was doing that thing again, trying to gently contradict me and hoping I’d change my mind.  I wasn’t going to change my mind.

“Probably, but it will also lead to their annihilation,” I said firmly.  “Let’s do this.”

Gavsot and Jaelin briefly exchanged a glance.  She shrugged as if to say, “Well, he is the Devil….”  Gavsot teleported away to spread the word among his captains. 

Jaelin sidled up to me.  “Getting a little tired of the fighting, sir?” she asked tentatively. 

“No way,” I replied with dry sarcasm.  “I’m just living the dream.  Intense nonstop combat with nearly invulnerable brutes from Hell who want to kill me dead is what I’m all about.”

She nodded meekly.  “Okay.  Good to know.”  She sidled away again, standing a safe distance from the crazy bloodthirsty Devil.

My right eyelid started to twitch.  I really needed this to be over.


  1. He really needs this over? Did he leave the oven on at the office or something?

    1. Haha! His snickerdoodles are totally overcooked by now.

    2. You don't get between the Lord of Hell and his snickerdoodles.