Friday, January 24, 2014

The Next Order of Business

I guess news of our victory had travelled fast.  When I arrived in my office, Gus and Sylnie turned to look at me expectantly.

“Well?” Gus said impatiently.  “Is it true?”

I smiled.  “We kicked so much ass, Gus, you have no idea.  Looks like we’re not all going to die after all.”

Sylnie squeaked excitedly and ran toward me.  “My hero!” she said sappily, throwing her arms around me.  Her massive chest pressed against me--warmly.  Her lips met mine--warmly.  I puckered instinctively.  She interpreted that to mean I was kissing back and she kissed me even harder.

This was…nice.  I felt myself beginning to swell against her leg and, coming off a decisive victory over a formidable foe, I wasn’t even that bothered by it.  So I wrapped my arms around her, pressing my favorite parts of her body even closer, and kissed back on purpose.

“I was going to congratulate you,” Gus murmured.  “But I don’t think anything I have to say will top that….”

“Where’s Jaelin?” came a worried voice from the corner.  “Is she okay?”

I tore my face away from Sylnie’s face and spied Torvin sitting timidly on the floor.  “She’s fine,” I assured him.  “She fought bravely.  She should be along soon.” 

“So what’s the next order of business, Boss-Man?” Gus asked.

Sylnie, her arms still around my neck, wriggled her body against me a little, giggling at the way I responded.  I let out a long breath.  “Uh…I’m pretty tired.  What I want more than anything is sleep.  Do I have like a bedroom or anything?”

Gus jabbed his thumb in the direction of the back door.  “Somewhere down that hallway, just like everything else,” he said.

“Cool,” I replied, prying myself out of Sylnie’s adoring grasp.  “In that case, I’m going to go to bed.”

As I headed for the door, I heard Sylnie ask in a huskie voice, “Want some company?”

I stopped and turned back at her.  She shot me a meaningful smile and raised an eyebrow mischievously.  The kiss and boob-smush combo was one thing, but was she offering what I thought she was offering?  Maybe there was something I wanted more than sleep.  I cleared my throat and stammered, “Uh…I mean, sure.  You know, if you…I mean, why not?”

Forgiving my inarticulateness, she followed me out of the office and into the hallway.


  1. I've always been suspicious of Sylnie, as a demon she's never really acted the part not even in subtle ways like Jaelin or Torvin. In word words, I have a bad feeling about this...

    1. Those she-demons and their wiles...

      Is there anyone you aren't suspicious of? It's not an environment that inspires a lot of trust.

    2. I wouldn't say that I'm not suspicious of his other companions, but I trust them much more since their method of betrayal seems predictable.

      Jaelin seems just as vicious as her sister, but she has a loyalty streak. Unless she has good reason not to be, she's dependable.

      Torvin is far to cowardly to betray someone directly so look for underhanded methods when it comes to him. Maybe a burst of overconfidence would give him away if feels he has the upper hand.

      Gavsot seems content with his place/power so keep him happy and few problems should come from him.

      Tithenai is an unknown for the most part so I can't really comment on her. Maybe give her a game or two every once in a while?

      And then there was Syline. She's shown us nothing demonic besides some green skin and a blasé attitude towards nudity. Maybe I'm being overly paranoid but in hell a demon not being demonic has all my alarms flashing and the random uniformed men running around my head screaming variations of code blue. She has to be hiding something.

      Dunno maybe I'm just a paranoid bastard and maybe you're extremely amused by it. If I'm completely wrong at least you now have a look into the mindset of one of your readers. Bah!

    3. That was an awesome comment!  It's cool to see how well my characters translate from my head to my readers'. 

      Just remember that Sylnie is a low-order demon, so she's not as powerful.  She has no telekinetic powers (at least not that we've seen).  She's still a demon, though, and as you alluded to, any demon is potentially dangerous.

      Thanks again for reading and commenting!  "A blase attitude toward nudity" made me chuckle!