Monday, February 17, 2014

Avoiding Anachronism

Jaelin and Torvin teleported away and I busied myself using the semi-magical scanner thingy to post the Satanic Order to the bulletin system.  I turned to Gus.  "How long is this going to take?"

"Probably not long," he replied.  "The bulletins are posted in public places, so they should be seen pretty soon."

"Cool," I said.  "Now please tell me we have a conference room somewhere back there."

Gus shrugged, but General Gavsot spoke up.  "There is a lecture hall," he said. 

"Awesome," I replied.  "It's like the back door of the office leads to my own personal Room of Requirement."  I shot Gus a disappointed look.  "The Room of Requirement?  Nothing?  Not even a smile?"

He shook his head.  "If that's a reference to something, I don't get it."

"Harry Potter?  Come on.  I know you died in the eighties, but you made that reference to Whose Line that one time.  Don't tell me you know Whose Line but you don't know Harry Potter."  I wasn't sure why it was so important that he understood my joke.

"There was a certain damned soul who hated that show," Gus said.  "Part of his torture was watching daily marathons.  I sat in on a couple when the last devil was having secret meetings with Kivra."

"Where do you guys get stuff like that down here?" I asked.  "I thought it was difficult to get back to the real world from here, so it's not like you can send a demon up there to steal a bunch of DVDs."

"No, we get it from the Department of Reprocessing, of course," he replied.

I rolled my eyes.  "Yeah, like I know what that is.  You can tell me about that later.  Right now, I need to get to that lecture hall."  I motioned to Gavsot and he led me out the back door.


  1. Please help push The New Devil up to 20 current votes on Top Web Fiction! I've been bouncing around the 12-15 range for a long time and it's exciting to think that I could hit 20!

    And as always, thanks for reading, commenting, and voting!

  2. And Jaelin and Torvin were never seen again. Except it took 2 months after Jaelin disappeared before Torvin was noticed missing.

    And I didn't get the Room of Requirement joke either. Oh well. There are a couple snarky comments I could go back and make like giving Halkkor another point when Jason finally passed out, but I guess I can leave that for another reader.

    1. Sometimes I have to restrain myself from including too many pointless references because it's important to remember that not very many people have seen the exact set of movies and read the exact set of books that I have!

      But you make a good point. Nobody thinks Torvin is that important, so he gets forgotten a lot. Which means that, if he and Jaelin were to run off together, it would definitely take a lot longer for him to be missed because everyone would be so freaked out about Jaelin being MIA. If he were remembered at all, it would be wayyy after the in Home Alone.

      And there I go again with the movie references...

    2. It's the room that has anything you require within it.

  3. Jut found this serial. Sounds like fun.

  4. Nobody's worried about the Devil's secret meetings with Kivra??

    Maybe they discussed that x-amount of posts back, and I just don't remember it?

    1. No, it hasn't been mentioned before now. Although it isn't a cause of much concern to Jason and company since Kivra has been effectively dealt with (for the time being).