Monday, February 10, 2014

Catching a Glimpse

“Your king would have killed me and every demon in Hell if he could have,” I told Niven.  “He forced us to defend ourselves, and we did what we had to.”

Niven’s mouth curled into a contemptuous sneer, but before he got the chance to speak, General Gavsot interrupted by appearing next to me, brandishing a Firstborn-killing sword.  Niven immediately turned and sprinted for the door. 

“General!” I barked urgently.  As Niven bolted through the doorway, Gavsot hurled the sword.  His aim was perfect, but just before the blade would have pierced Niven’s flesh, the Firstborn assassin disappeared.  The sword buried itself harmlessly into the wall behind his last location.

I shot a look at Gavsot.  “What happened?”

“A demon must have grabbed his arm and teleported,” he said. 

I appealed to Gus and Sylnie.  “Did either of you see who it was?”

“I was too busy cowering in the corner doing my damnedest not to piss my pants, Boss-Man,” Gus said weakly.

Sylnie shook her head.  “I can’t even see through the doorway at this angle.”

I slammed a fist down on my desk.  “Dammit,” I grumbled.  “So Niven is still around and he’s still trying to fuck shit up, and there’s a demon helping him but we don’t know who it is.”

“Well, we could draw up a list of suspects,” Gus offered hopefully.

“Such a list would be so lengthy that its creation would only waste valuable time,” Gavsot replied. 

"Great," I said.  "Just great.  I guess I'll just have to keep letting him kill me until he makes a mistake and I can shove one of those swords up his ass."

"Not to nitpick, sir," Sylnie spoke up, "But you'll need to make sure you shove it really far up his ass because it has to pierce his heart."

I wasn't sure if she was joking.  "Let's stop talking about shoving things up asses," I said, "and start talking about how we're going to take control of the situation."

"You're in charge," Gus pointed out.  "What do you want to do?"


  1. Role a 20 for Gather Information!

    1. If I knew anything about tabletop role-playing games, I would totally make a clever joke in response!

      But alas, I am unschooled in the ways of twenty-sided dice....

  2. Kivra. Almost sure of it. Everyone else with a grudge has been murdered, decapitated and stuck in a drawer, or given a position I think. Other than that one Construction Head Applicant.

    1. The other construction head applicant? You mean Zyzyfus?

      Props for not forgetting that guy existed.