Thursday, March 27, 2014

Defining Historicity

"Historicity?" I said.  "What the hell is that?"

Sylnie jumped in.  "The Department of Historicity is like a...what do you call it?"  Apparently her vocabulary was failing her, which made her explanation kind of unexplanatory.

"A library," Jaelin offered blandly.

"Yeah, that's it!" Sylnie enthused.

"Hell has a library?" I said incredulously.  I momentarily wondered why that seemed strange, considering what I’d just seen in the Department of Reprocessing.  I guess most demons just didn’t strike me as the studious type.

"For any and all who wish to learn the dark and arcane mysteries of the underworld," Niven supplied dramatically.

"Clearly you've never been there," Jaelin told him.  "You only learn the mysteries once you've spent a decade or so slogging through all the useless shit."  She gave me a sidelong look.  "It's not all it's cracked up to be.  I once spent some time in there looking for a way to get up to the Realm of the Living. It took forever and I never found anything useful."

"Okay, but Sebrev is there?" I clarified, glancing meaningfully at our captive.

"Far as I know," he confirmed.

"Thanks for your help, you've been great," Jaelin said.  Before I realized what she was doing, she'd snatched the sword from my grasp and unflinchingly shoved it through Niven's chest.

I stared in shock as his gasp of pain caught in his throat and his body melted into a disgusting puddle of mushy organs and papery flesh.


  1. Sounds like a regular library to me.

    1. If people get stabbed through the chest in regular libraries where you come from, you may want to consider relocating.

  2. Nooooo!!! Niven, my sweet!

    1. I gotta tell ya, you leave some very entertaining comments!