Sunday, March 9, 2014

Demon Lineage

Jaelin frowned at me.  "What happened?"

"It looks like Tithenai's been taken too," I said with a sigh.  "We might need to go in all guns blazing and beat some information out of Sebrev after all."

Jaelin was about to respond with all joy and vigor when Gus cut in, "Wait.  Tithenai got kidnapped?"


"Tithenai is a psychic," he said.


"How exactly does a psychic let herself get captured?"

"I don't know, but it happened," I said dismissively.  "Jaelin?  Ready to go bust some heads over at Transportation?"

She smiled broadly.  "Hell yes I am, sir."

"I'd like to come too, if that's okay," Sylnie said.

All three of us turned to give her pretty much the same look.  "You want to go with?" I asked.

She shrugged.  "I'd like to be more involved.  And I've been working on my telekinesis a lot."

"I thought you were a low order demon," I said.  "I didn't think you could do telekinesis."

"I can't," she said shyly.  "Well, I couldn't.  I should be able to develop more with practice."

I glanced at Gus.  "It's kind of like leveling up a magic-user in Dungeons and Dragons," he explained.  "More experience means more power, more ability.  It's just that LODs start off at level one and the high order demons are all like level twenty."

"It has a lot to do with breeding, too," Sylnie added.  "The first group of demons created by Lucifer were all very powerful, but as the demons breed with each other, it gets watered down with each generation.  The potential is still there, but it takes a long time for a young demon to reach a level of strength that's even close to what the first demons had."

"So a low order demon isn't actually a different kind of demon?"

Sylnie clarified, "The term generally refers to a demon from at least the fourth generation that hasn't yet exhibited any kind of power."

"And you're…?"

"Sixth generation," she said humbly.  "But I'm pretty sure Jaelin is third generation.  Right, Jaelin?"

Jaelin scowled.  "If you guys are just going to stand around chatting all day, I'm going to do this myself."

"Right," I said, embarrassed at how easily I'd been sidetracked.  "Torvin.  Totally important.  Jaelin, Sylnie, let's go."


  1. "Torvin. Totally important."
    I see Jason has been practicing his lying. It certainly is showing.

    1. One day he might be good enough to pull off "I did not have sexual relations with that woman" like a pro.

    2. Or even 'I'm not going to be using the Pit Guards as bait'.