Thursday, March 13, 2014

Fikhos's Office

Fikhos's office was huge.  It was larger than mine and had the best imitation of natural lighting I'd yet encountered in the underworld.  Every inch of space was filled with a soothingly soft light like the kind you'd get coming in from a big bay window on the east side of a house just before sunrise.  It actually looked more like Heaven than the tiny little corner of Heaven I'd already seen.  It bothered me that I couldn't figure out where the source of this glorious light was.

"Sir, you have some visitors," an aide announced to Fikhos.

Fikhos, who had been leaning over his desk, poring thoughtfully over a document, stood and faced us.  "Your Lordship," he said decorously, taking large strides across the room toward us.  "This is quite an honor.  What brings you to the Department of Housing?"

He extended at hand and I shook it firmly.  "Good to see you, Fikhos," I said.  "We're looking for one of your associates."

"Who in particular?" Fikhos asked.  He stood poised in a position of bizarre dignity as he spoke, as though he were posing as a model for a Renaissance sculptor.  I saw Sylnie stare openly at his toned, richly colored body.  I felt a twinge of jealousy. 

I knew it was stupid.  Sylnie was my secretary, my aide.  She seemed to have taken a liking to me and she tried to have sex with me once, but she was an employee and a demon and it was silly to consider her a lover or a girlfriend.  I doubted that demons were much for romantic loyalty anyway.  Besides, Sylnie was pretty much the only feminine organism with whom I'd been able to flirt since I'd arrived in Hell.  That didn't mean I had actual feelings for her.  It just meant that I had nowhere else to place any feelings of that nature. 

That didn't stop me from hating the way she unabashedly admired his prominent abs and firm pecs and every other part his unfortunately naked body, though.  At least Jaelin seemed unaffected by his physique.  Although I might have preferred she fall for someone like Fikhos than someone as wimpy and bumbling as Torvin.

"One of my aides was ambushed and captured,” I told the Director of Housing.  “We think one of your demons can help us find out who is responsible.”

The object of my secretary’s lust appeared horrified.  "You think one of mine was involved?"

I shook my head.  "I'm not sure.  Indirectly, maybe."

“Who?” came the obvious follow-up.

I sighed.  “I don’t have a name.  All I know is that he’s from your department and he might be an acquaintance of a demon named Sebrev.”

“And he’s green,” Sylnie put in helpfully.

“…and he’s green,” I finished.


  1. I've been away for a bit and I just read through things to try to catch up, but I'm confused about a few things. Here the group is asking for a demon named "Rathras" but I'm not entirely sure where they got the name since the demon they spoke to in the previous chapter did not know a name for the demon they're looking for. Then when we move to the next chapter after this one, we don't meet anyone or go anywhere and it seems like some information may not have been correctly copied and pasted maybe.

    And the name "Rathros" with an O, first seems to come up in the chapter, Trust Issues. I'm not sure if these are the same demon or different. I remember seeing you correct some kind of issue in your twitter feed a week or so ago, and I'm not sure if it was this. I'll try to check back after the next page has been posted and see if maybe that helps make sense of things.

    1. God dammit. This is embarrassing.

      You're right about this being the mistake I had to go back and change. I'm positive that I fixed it. But somehow, this is the old version. My guess is that maybe I copied and pasted into blogger from the wrong word document.

      I've uploaded the corrected version. You know, the one that was actually supposed to see the light of day. Sorry for the fuckup. And THANK YOU SO MUCH for pointing this out. It would have been even more embarrassing to have to fix later on.

      Hey, at least one of us is paying attention, right?