Friday, March 7, 2014


"Great, more problems from Jorge's Department," I grumbled.  Azraal had come from there.  The plot to kill my parents at my funeral had come from there.  I'd thought that Jorge's masterful command of the Department had neutralized its earlier tendency to breed trouble, but it seemed that something rotten still had its roots behind that crooked four-story office building.

"As much as people bitch about the DMV upstairs," Gus quipped, "They have no idea how good they have it.  At least their department of transportation doesn't try to overthrow the government, murder the families of political leaders and kidnap presidential advisors."  He grinned triumphantly to a somber room.

After an awkward silence he asked me privately from the corner of his mouth, "People still bitch about the DMV, right?"

I nodded and whispered back, "Yeah, you're good.  I think maybe your comedic timing was a little bit off, though."

He shrugged.  "Some nights you kill it, other nights you whiff it."

Sylnie gave Jaelin a reassuring squeeze across the shoulders and looked up at me.  "So what are you going to do?" she asked.  I honestly didn't know and that made me hesitate much longer than I should have. 
Jaelin looked up at me, her glassy eyes wide with alarm.  "You have to rescue him!" she told me.  "Sir, please!  You can't just let them have him!"

"I know you don't think much of Torvin," Sylnie said as soon as Jaelin had finished.  "But at least get him back out of respect for Jaelin! We both know how much she's done for you and you know how much Torvin means to her!"

"And Torvin's fate should concern you anyway, Boss-Man," Gus pointed out, almost talking over Sylnie, "considering that these demons originally tried to target Jaelin.  An attack on someone in your inner circle is an indirect challenge to your authority too, am I right?"

I put my hands up to silence their preemptive protests.  "Guys," I told them.  "I may be the Devil, but I'm not that heartless."

"You do kind of treat Torvin like shit sometimes," Jaelin said.

"That's because he is like shit," I replied.  "But Gus is right.  He's a member of my inner circle whether he's useless or not.  He's one of us.  And we're going to go get him."

"Great," Gus said.  "Where do we start?"


  1. I guess they could start at the DMV. By the time they get there, maybe news of their involvement with the Lincoln assassination will get out and shoot his joke attempt in the foot.