Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Source and Destination

"Well?" Jaelin exclaimed.  "Out with it!"

"Just as you said, it was an order placed through one of my lower-level suppliers," Korrihor said.  "Several orders, actually.  But there's at least four transactions here involving cloaks or masks that were all initiated by someone named Rathros."

"Is there a Department listed?" Jaelin asked excitedly.

"Housing," Korrihor replied instantly.

"Those creepy kidnapper getups were ordered by the Department of Housing?" I said incredulously.  "So Fikhos is secretly leading an uprising?"

"Not necessarily," Korrihor said quickly.  "In fact, probably not.  This Rathros character is probably from Housing, and so that's listed as the order's source and likely its destination.  The orders are small, too.  Generally transactions that come straight from a department director are larger and more complicated."

Doubtful, I looked toward Jaelin.  "He's not wrong," she admitted. 

"But it doesn't prove Fikhos isn't involved," Sylnie said.

"All we know is that someone from Fikhos's department is involved," I said.  "We don't know who else is in on it and how powerful they might be."

"There was some variety," Jaelin replied.  "At least in the group that took Torvin, there were a few flunkies and a few that could give me a run for my money."

"Do you think Fikhos was one of them?" I asked.

"I don't know him well enough.  I don't know how strong he is."

Anticipating my next question, Sylnie said, "Me neither.  I didn’t get out of Transportation much until recently, remember."

I grunted in frustration.  "I don't want to assume he's in on it, but I don't want to assume he isn't.  We need more information."

Korrihor's voice cut through our gloomy silence.  "Did anyone ask him?"

The rhythm of our conference disrupted, we turned to stare at him.  "What?" I said.

"Did you ask Fikhos if he was involved?"

"Of course not," I said dismissively.  "He's a demon.  He'd just lie."  Only after speaking did I remember that everyone else in the room was a demon.

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