Monday, March 31, 2014

Target Acquired

“My head!” Sebrev wailed hoarsely.  “You cut off my fucking head!”

“I couldn’t have you running away from me,” I explained.  “No hard feelings, right?”

“Are you fucking kidding me?” he shouted hysterically.  I was kidding, but I guess my attempt at humor had escaped his understanding.

Someone from the next aisle over shushed us sternly, like this library’s biggest problem was the noise, not its location in the deepest pit of pain and evil in the universe.  “I think we should relocate,” I whispered to Jaelin. 

“Yeah, that would be good,” she agreed.  “I’ll take the body if you get the head.  And Sylnie.”

“We’ll readjourn at my office in ten seconds,” I said.  I scooped up Sebrev, making sure my hand covered his mouth, linked my elbow around Sylnie’s, and returned to my home base.  Jaelin joined us a moment later, carrying the other ninety-five percent of the demon’s body mass.  She dropped it scornfully on the floor in front of my desk.

“Sylnie, find Gus for me, will you?” I asked, pulling out my phone.  “I want to see if Gavsot wants to get in on the interrogation.  We could probably use his expertise.”

Sylnie slipped out the front door while I waited for General Gavsot to pick up.  On the fourth ring, he answered with a terse, “Yes?”

“Gavsot, my friend,” I replied, surprised at how jovial I sounded.  “Listen, I’ve captured a demon who’s part of a group that kidnapped Torvin.  If you have a spare moment, I could sure use your help in beating Torvin’s location out of him.”

“As you wish,” Gavsot agreed.  “I am slightly surprised that you have gone through all this trouble for Torvin.”

“Well…it was at Jaelin’s urging,” I admitted.  “Apparently she’s quite smitten with him.”

“I will be there as soon as I can,” he answered.

I hung up just as Sylnie returned.  Gus walked in behind her, took a good look around and exclaimed with a grin, “Boss-Man!  You got Azraal a playmate!”


  1. I wonder if the body feels pain still. He could have it dropped off at to be tortured while the head stays with him.

    1. I think we have a contender for evillest guy in the known universe here.