Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Arriving Upstairs

It looked to be the early afternoon of a gorgeous spring day.  The sky was nearly cloudless, the sun was warm, and a soft breeze blew to complete the effect.  I felt a twinge of nostalgia.  I never had much time to dwell on it but I really missed being alive.    

“So this is the Living Realm,” Fikhos said, gazing around in awe.  “It’s beautiful.  There’s so much light.”

“Yeah, kind of reminds me of your office,” I said.

“Sure, but this is real light,” he said.  “It’s more organic.  Less glaring.  Is that the Sun?”

“Don’t stare at it too long,” I advised.  “Unless you want to find out if demons can go blind.”

He quickly shifted his gaze downward.  “So what’s the plan?”

“Well,” I said, “I’m assuming if Torvin took anybody up to the Realm of the Living, it would have been here.  Unless you two went anywhere else?” I asked, glancing at Jaelin.  She gave a half shrug and grunted noncommittally. 

“Right, so if there were any demons up here, they would have arrived somewhere in this general area,” I continued.  “Maybe we need to take a look around and see if we can find any signs of, you know…demon stuff.”

“Demon stuff,” Fikhos repeated.  I wasn’t sure if he was mocking me or taking mental notes.

“Yeah, you know,” I elaborated.  “Like disemboweled corpses, burning crosses, footprints in the shape of a pentagram, I don’t know.  You two are the demons here.  Tell me what to look for that would indicate the presence of other demons!”

“How about a really big fire?” Fikhos suggested, pointing to the tree line behind me.  Thick columns of dark smoke were rising in the distance. 

I stared.  “Yeah.  That seems like a pretty good place to start.”


  1. It's a scout camp. Massive seemingly out of control fires should be the norm there. Especially if the current devil is a former resident.

    1. Yeah, it's just some kid working on his pyromancy merit badge. No cause for alarm!

    2. Yeaaaaah Psychonaughts.

      Keeping on with the giving demons teleport to the surface privileges why don't you Jason.