Wednesday, April 30, 2014

First Strike

The four of us left the purple demon and teleported over to the burning remains of the antique shop.
I sized up the daunting scope of the blaze.  "Anybody know how to telekinetically extinguish a fire?"

"Our priority should be the apprehending of the demons," Talamur said.  "Once we eliminate the cause of the disturbance, human authorities should be able to handle the situation from there acceptably."

"Good point," I admitted.

"As the human," Talamur added, "I would have thought that you would have thought of that."

"Oh, is that what you would have thought I would have thought?" I mocked quietly.  It felt weird to have a demon label my behavior as less human than his.  I had the sense that I should be slightly offended, but I wasn't entirely sure if I was.  "So where are the demons?"

Jaelin pointed toward an ill-maintained two-story residence across the street.  "They're probably already moving on to their next target."

"There's one," Fikhos said abruptly, teleporting himself away.  He popped up in the back yard of the house and immediately engaged in combat with a hooded invader.  Another came running out and Jaelin went to assist the Director of Housing, leaving me alone with the demon I knew the least about.  There wasn't any time for awkward small talk, however, because two more demons appeared in front of us. 

I had to admit they had a badass look.  Our two foes stood side by side, monstrous black cloaks blowing in the wind, their dark figures silhouetted vibrantly against the fiery backdrop.  Their hoods were long enough to completely shadow their faces from us and their coats were large enough to cover everything but their hands and feet.  Had I been unfamiliar with Hell and with the concept of demons, I would have been scared shitless.  But I'd battled pit guards, demons, and Lucifer's Firstborn, so I was pretty sure that the most dangerous thing about these goons was their image.  At least I hoped so.

"What kind of demon hides his face like a coward?" Talamur crowed. 

I snickered.  "You call that a taunt?  Didn't you just kind of answer your own question?"

"Jason," he chided.  "This is hardly the best time for you to be quibbling over the quality of my verbal jabs."

"Fine," I conceded, teleporting into one of the demons and blowing half of his body to smithereens.


  1. So the new guy knows Jason's name. Foreshadowing or continuity error?

    1. It's not a continuity error this time, I promise!

  2. A demon conspiring with the Devil to murder the Devil's descendant and install him on the throne for unknown reasons? Sounds reasonable.