Monday, April 14, 2014

Mental Checklist

Jorge had been somewhat eager to be interim Devil last time and he required little coaxing on this particular occasion.  In a matter of mere minutes, Gus’s spell had sworn Jorge in and I’d given him a lift back to his temporary office.  I was all set to go back to the land of my birth and scope it out for demon activity.

“Okay,” I murmured, mostly to myself.  “Gavsot is taking care of Sebrev and the search for Torvin and Tithenai.  Jaelin and Fikhos are accompanying me to the Realm of the Living.  Jorge is in charge while I’m gone….”

“I’m guessing I’m supposed to be Jorge’s aide while you’re out?” Gus asked.

“Yeah, well, he’s never been the Devil before and he’ll need someone to show him the ropes,” I explained.

“No, trust me, I’m not complaining,” Gus said quickly.  “As long as you’re not sending me into battle or making me do your job, I’m good.”

“What will I do?” Sylnie asked.  “I’m beginning to feel kind of left out.”

“You’ll do your normal stuff,” I said.  “And keep in mind that Jorge will need more than just Gus to help him out.”

“Normal stuff,” she said sullenly.  “Right.”

“Look,” I told her, “I know you want to move up, and I’m not against that at all.  Just keep working on your telekinesis and stuff whenever you can and it’ll happen.  You won’t be an aide forever, I promise.”

“Okay, but if you want some help with the bad guys up there, just let me know,” she said.

I turned to Jaelin.  “You ready?” I asked her.

She nodded.  I got the distinct impression that she was doing everything she could to avoid speaking to me.  I looked at Fikhos.  “You?”

“I’m always prepared,” he said, holding out his hand.  “Lead the way.”

I gripped him by the wrist and carried him with me to the shores of the lake in my old scout camp. 

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