Friday, April 18, 2014


I tried to gauge the location of the smoke.   The camp was a good half hour drive from my home, so I didn’t know this area too well.  But if I could remember a place that was anywhere near the fire, I could teleport us there instead of trying to walk.  The thought of trying to get a bus or a cab with two naked demons in tow was amusing, but I dismissed it as irrelevant when I remembered that I didn’t have any money.  Another option was to use my Devil’s powers to carjack a means of transportation.

I probably needed to try teleporting first. 

“I’m going to make a few jumps,” I informed Fikhos and Jaelin.  “With any luck, I’ll be able to get pretty close to whatever that smoke is and then I’ll come back and get you two.”

“You’re the boss, sir,” Fikhos said.  “We’ll be here whenever you’re ready for us.”

I psychically transported myself to a gas station that I remembered.  It was near the highway exit we used when we drove to the scout camp.  I scanned the horizon, ignoring the shouts of surprise from the two guys beside whose car I’d suddenly appeared.  I was definitely closer to my desired destination, but I was a decent distance to the north.  I tried to think of another place that might be closer.

After a frustrating failure to bring up Google Earth in my head, I teleported to a dying strip mall where my old pediatrician’s office had been.  It was even more abandoned than I remembered, but it was also close enough to the smoke that I was pretty sure I knew where it originated:  Lyonsville.

Lyonsville was a little town clustered around a road that lead through the emptiness between two larger cities.  Once you left the central street, it was the sleepiest little hamlet I’d ever seen.  Except for now, of course.  Fire made things a little more exciting.

I jumped back to the lake where my sidekicks were waiting for me.

“Did you find it?” Fikhos asked.

“I’m pretty sure I did,” I told him.  “Let’s go.” 

A moment later, the three of us appeared in the parking lot of a diner at the edge of Lyonsville.  We could smell the smoke immediately. 

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