Friday, April 25, 2014

Staying Focused

Fikhos and I joined Jaelin on the other side of the street.  Her arms were around Talamur's broad shoulders and her legs were wrapped around his waist.  He was supporting her weight with both his hands on her upper thighs. I could tell that they were still kissing but I wasn't sure exactly what kind of activity was going on in their groin areas.  As gorgeous as a couple as they were and as long as they'd been apart, it was nonetheless a little concerning that they were getting this passionate this quickly.

I cleared my throat. Instead of stopping, they executed a joint pelvic thrust that pretty much confirmed my most awkward fears.  I tried clearing my throat more loudly, but all they did was get into a rhythm.

"Hey!  Jaelin!" I shouted.  "Yo!  Exhibitionists!  Hey!"  My volume increased with each exclamation but their level of interest in my outbursts remained at zero.

"If you'll allow me," Fikhos said with a wink. He took a large shard of glass from the broken window, wound up like a major league pitcher, and hurled it at Jaelin's back.  He must have put some telekinetic oomph into it because it went straight through both lovers and landed in a bloody mess on the grass a few feet behind Talamur.

Clutching her wound, Jaelin dismounted and glared at Fikhos.  "That hurt," she growled at him.

"That was just a gentle reminder to stay on mission," I said.

"Speaking of which," Talamur said, apparently unfazed by the gash in his chest, "what are you doing here?  I never expected to see you again."  I didn't realize until he was done speaking that he was directing his remarks at Jaelin.  I guess he had a make nasty demonic love first and ask questions later kind of policy.

"I'm here with the current Devil," Jaelin told him with what sounded suspiciously like pride.  "We're here to stop some demons that are trying to invade this realm."

Talamur nodded solemnly.  "Yeah, I've been fighting 'em.  I haven't been successful, exactly," he admitted, gesturing toward the extra-crispy neighborhood.  "Then again, I am a little outnumbered."

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