Friday, April 11, 2014

The Third Team Member

His Satanic Majesty Requests one Department Director for a top-secret mission.  Combat will almost definitely be involved.  This matter is urgent and the first capable director to respond will be chosen for the position.
I read through the order one more time before I signed it in blood and scanned the printed sheet into the bulletin system.

“Sir,” General Gavsot said, “may I assume that I have permission to transport your captive back to my department?”  He indicated the bloody mess of Sebrev on my carpet. 

“Yeah, of course,” I said.  “You won’t be able to contact me once I leave Hell, but when I get back I’ll call you to see how things are going.  Anything important you can let me know then.”

“Excellent,” he said, tucking the head under his arm and gripping Sebrev’s body by the shoulder.  He glanced over at Jaelin.  “Torvin was one of mine,” he told her.  “I will find him.”

“Thank you, Gavsot,” Jaelin said with genuine appreciation, despite her current mood.  The General disappeared with Sebrev.

A moment later, Fikhos arrived.  “Sir!” he said exultantly.  “Has anyone responded to your call for assistance yet?”

“No,” I said with a slight smile.  “I should have expected you to be the first responder.”

“I would be honored,” he said, bowing his head.

“Then consider yourself honored,” I replied, trying to ignore the way Sylnie was admiring either his physique or his selfless willingness to serve.  “Just hang on for a minute, I have a quick errand to run.  Gus?”

“Yeah, Boss-Man?”

“Do you still have those ingredients for the spell I can use to appoint a temporary successor?”

He grinned, probably because he knew the spell wouldn’t be used on him this time.  “As long as you have blood, I have everything else,” he replied.

“Great,” I said.  “We’re going to pay a quick visit to Jorge.”


  1. I wish you had a character bio page.

    1. You mean it's difficult to keep all these stupid made-up names straight?

      Not a bad idea at all. I'll start working on one.

    2. Hope this helps:

    3. Thank you, that is helpful. =)