Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Security Office

“You kept his body?” I asked.  I hadn’t considered the current location of Azraal’s body.  I hadn’t given his body a second thought since I left it headless in the Department of Enforcement.

“I thought Azraal was serving you some purpose in captivity,” Gavsot explained.  “I kept his body in the event that you would require him to be reunited with it or so that you could kill him yourself, should you desire it.”

That was actually kind of thoughtful of him, in a demonic sort of way.  “So where did it go?” I asked. 

He pointed to a small camera mounted on the wall nearby.  “We shall see,” he said, extending his arm again.  
He teleported us to a sweaty little security room filled with television screens.  A diminutive beige-colored demon sat disinterestedly in front of the monitors.

“Lokir,” General Gavsot barked.  The demon jerked violently out of his bored reverie, got to his feet and gave a snappy salute. 

“I guess not many things wake a guy up faster than a surprise inspection,” I murmured.

“Show me camera D39,” the General ordered.

“Right, yeah,” Lokir said, his fingers moving clumsily over the controls in front of him.  “Yeah, um…you said, E39?”

“Delta three niner,” Gavsot corrected impatiently. 

“Right, right,” Lokir agreed abashedly.  He cleared his throat.  “Um, just…hang on, give me a minute here….”  A series of incorrect camera shots flashed across the main screen in rapid succession. “No…wait…sorry, that wasn’t it….”

“Lokir,” Gavsot grated, “Are you under the influence of a mind-altering chemical while at your post?”

Wide-eyed, Lokir shook his head.  “No, sir, I swear, I didn’t…I mean, I’m not…no…what I mean is—”

“You are dismissed!” Gavsot thundered.  “You are quickly running out of possible demotions.  Report to Colonel Messler immediately.”  Lokir hurried out of the room, looking grateful that he hadn’t been physically assaulted.  Gavsot sat down in front of the monitors.

“A demon junkie?” I asked incredulously.  “What kind of drug was he on?”

“I have no idea,” the General replied dispassionately.  “Nor do I care.  Lokir used to command one of my elite squadrons.  Now I cannot even trust him as a simple courier.  He allowed his addiction to destroy him and he does not deserve my pity.”

“Wow, that’s…harsh,” I commented. 

Ignoring my judgment, Gavsot pointed at the main screen.  “Here it is.”

I looked up and watched him rewind the image of the two dead pit guards in front of the closet.  Sure enough, not long before he and I had arrived there, four demons in masks and black hoods had killed the guards and removed Azraal’s body.

I exchanged a somber glance with the General.  “This is really bad, isn’t it?” 


  1. It's more of a neutral thing I'd say. Sure, they may have completed their objective without real incident, but having to do so dressed as what I'm starting to imagine as something along the lines of Zorro should be punishment enough.

    1. I should have given them hats! Big, ridiculous hats like Orlando Bloom wore at the end of Pirates of the Caribbean!

    2. And Socks on every appendage. The more gaudy socks that had ever been found by Reclamation.