Monday, May 19, 2014

The Rest of Him

It took me a few minutes to track down General Gavsot, but I was finally directed by his staff to a specific cell in which he was dutifully interrogating Sebrev.  Hanging from the ceiling by his wrists, the prisoner was covered in so much blood that his jet-black skin only showed through in scattered patches.  His head hung limply against his chest. 

“General,” I said.

Gavsot turned away from his captive to give me a gruff gesture of greeting.  “How did it go in the Living Realm?” he asked.

“There were a few demons attacking a small town.  We put a stop to it.”  I nodded toward Sebrev.  “Is he dead?”

Gavsot shook his head.  “Unconscious.”

“Has he said anything?”

“Nothing useful,” he replied.  “I am beginning to believe that he truly does not know anything more than he has already told us.”

“Great,” I said.  “I should have brought one of the demons I bumped into in Lyonsville back here for questioning.”

“That would have proven wise,” Gavsot agreed.  He wasn’t judging my error.  He was simply acknowledging the accuracy of my hindsight.

“This group attacked while I was gone,” I said.  “They took Gus and Azraal’s head. Nearly killed Sylnie.”

“They took Azraal’s head?” Gavsot asked urgently.

“Yeah.  Why?”

“They will probably be after his body as well,” he said grimly.  He extended an arm.  “Come with me."  

I gripped him by the wrist and he transported us to another location in his department. It was a door marked 
Storage that had two eviscerated pit guard corpses crumpled in front of it.  Gavsot stepped past his slain subordinates and tore open the door.  Inside was an assortment of spears, buckets, manacles and chains.  And nothing else.

The General looked back at me grimly.  “This is where I stored Azraal’s body.”


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