Friday, June 13, 2014

Yet Another Interrogation

The cavern had almost emptied out already, but I managed to snag a lanky gray straggler.  I teleported us both back to my office and immediately beheaded him.  A captive wouldn’t be much good to me if he could instantaneously transport himself to safety.

“That was…gruesome,” Torvin said.

“It was necessary,” I replied tersely, dumping the head out of the hood.

“I know,” he said with a shudder.  “But still…your bare hands….”

I glared down at the head resting in a thick pool of blood on the carpet.  “What’s your name?” I demanded.

He regarded me with unmitigated fear.  “Belvidon,” he said.  “Sir.”

“Belvidon?” I echoed.  “That sounds like a made-up dinosaur.  What is it with these names?”

“It means ‘Bringer of Famine’ in the ancient demonic tongue,” he explained meekly.  “Sir.”

I hadn’t expected him to answer my pointless question.  “Whatever,” I dismissed.  “I need you to tell me about that creepy little gathering I just witnessed.”

“No way,” he said.  “If I tell you anything, he’ll kill me.  Sir.”

“Who?” I pressed.

“Our Leader,” he said.  “Sir.”

“Who is your leader?”

“I don’t know who he is,” Belvidon said.  “Sir.”

“You don’t have to end every sentence with ‘sir,’” I told him irritably.

“I know that,” he replied.  He started to make the S sound, but it petered out into a low whistle when I shot him a threatening glare.

“How can you not know who your leader is?” I asked.  “You all were just talking to him.”

“Everybody wears masks.  Each member only personally knows a handful of other members,” the gangly demon explained.  “We keep anonymity as high as possible so that if someone gets caught, there’s a limit to how much information he can give.”

“So who did you know?” I asked.

“I was a new member,” he said.  “I only knew the demon who recruited me.”

“I’m not hearing a name,” I prompted.

“It was Fikhos.”

I sighed.  “Of course it was.”


  1. I'd recommend getting a Ouija board and asking Fikhos.

    1. That only works if demons have spirits. Better hope they don't or Jason will have a bunch of vengeful poltergeists haunting his office.